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Orange arrow Where can I find my Final Draft Customer Number?

  Your Customer Number is required for ALL customer support correspondence and is your proof of ownership of the Final Draft license. Make sure to write it down on paper and keep it in several different safe places. FD10 download: In the emailed receipt. FD10 gift card: On the back (after the coa...
Orange arrow Do I have to register my new version of Final Draft?

  While you must activate Final Draft to run it in full mode, you are not required to register. However, you must be registered in order to receive support, new script templates and free program updates. Our online registration form is HERE....
Orange arrow Can I put someone else on my account so they can get support?

  No. Final Draft is single-user-license software. If your name is the one on the account, you're the sole owner and the only person who can get support. It doesn't matter what your relationship to that person is; whose computer it is; where the computer is; who paid for the software; who doe...
Orange arrow How can I update my contact information in your system?

  Click HERE to get to the update form....

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