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Orange arrow I get a runtime error when I launch Final Draft 7.

  This runtime error can occur if you've moved the Final Draft executable file... ...from the Final Draft 7 folder on the hard drive to the Desktop in an attempt to create a shortcut. The quick way to find out if this is the case is to right-click on the "shortcut." Left-click on Properties and if...
Orange arrow I purchased the downloadable version of Final Draft and I need to reinstall.

  If you bought Final Draft 11 / 10 / 9 as a download, you can download the full installer for free from our website. The installers are HERE. Once you've downloaded the installer, you may want to copy it to a USB drive, DVD/R/W or CD/R/W or some other storage device for future use. If you don't wan...
Orange arrow Tagger 1 crashes when I import a script.

  We have found an issue with Tagger 1.2.2: When you import a script with Transition paragraph that are either 8 characters long: FADE IN: FADE TO: BACK TO: or 13 characters long: MATCH CUT TO: the program will crash. If you need to continue using Tagger 1, the simple workaround is to ...
Orange arrow Final Draft 8 for Windows crashes when I try to save a Script Report.

  This is a known issue that has been resolved in a newer version of Final Draft. Information on upgrading is HERE. If you choose not to upgrade, the workaround is to copy and paste the contents of the Script Report into a new Final Draft document and save this file. IMPORTANT: Live technical suppo...
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Orange arrow Final Draft 7 on OS X crashes on launch or when I try to activate.

  Final Draft 7 is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or 10. 7 (Lion). It is supported on 10.4.11 - 10.6.8. NOTE: All support for Final Draft 7, including software activation, has been discontinued. You may find s...
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Orange arrow My computer crashed, how do I reinstall Final Draft?

  If you need to reinstall Final Draft after: Computer replacement A computer crash Hard drive failure Stolen laptop or any other reason, you can download the latest Final Draft installer with your registered Customer Number. The Final Draft installers are available HERE. If you don't know...
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Orange arrow When I paste a large document into Final Draft, it freezes.

  Final Draft isn't frozen and it hasn't crashed. Pasting in a large document requires that every page be recalculated and this can take some time. After you paste the material in, give the program a few minutes to do its job. When it's done you'll be able to resume your work. IMPORTANT: Do NOT past...
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Orange arrow When I try to work on or save a ScriptCompare document, Final Draft crashes.

  This is a known issue but it has an easy workaround. After you have generated the compare document, before you do any work on it: Go to Edit > Select All or on your keyboard press Control + A (Windows) or Command + A (Mac); Go to Edit > Copy or on your keyboard press Control + C (Windows)...
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Orange arrow When printing a Final Draft 8 script on Mac and with a Xerox printer, Final Draft crashes with this message: "XRPDFPREFILTER FAILED."

  This was an issue in the Xerox printer driver. Xerox has issued an updated driver that should eliminate this problem. The new driver is available HERE. IMPORTANT: Live technical support (phone, chat, email) for Final Draft 8 has been discontinued. You will still be able to find information and so...
Orange arrow I upgraded to Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) and now Final Draft 9 crashes when I try to create a PDF.

  If you have a version of Final Draft older than 9.0.4 installed on computer that has been upgraded to Yosemite, you may encounter this issue. To see which version you have, open Final Draft and go to Help > Get Help (9.0.6 and later) or Help > Customer Support (9.0.5 and earlier). If you do ...
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Orange arrow AV2.5 crashes when I launch it on my OSX computer.

  AV is not supported on OS X 10.7 or later. NOTE: All support for Final Draft AV, including software activation, has been discontinued. You may find solutions to problems in the online knowledge base or in the PDF manual found on the installation CD....
Orange arrow I get an Out of Bounds exception error in Tagger 1 when I export my tagged file to a scheduling program.

  This error usually means that a Scene Heading is too long; the most common cause is when a sizable piece of action is seen by the program as a Scene Heading. A quick way to ascertain whether you have Scene Headings that are too long is to open the original Final Draft script in Final Draft. Go ...
Orange arrow Undoing an action in Final Draft AV causes the program to crash.

  Undo actions in split fields or Undo actions that affect pagination may cause a crash. If a user undoes an action in a paragraph that causes it to either move to another page or split across a page AV may lose "focus." Signs of lost focus are: The blinking cursor disappears The element name in ...
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Orange arrow When I try to print an FD8 script from a Mac to a Xerox printer, I get this error message: "Library/Printers/Xerox/Filters/pstophaserps failed."

  There is a defect in some Xerox printer drivers for Mac which can prevent Final Draft from printing a particular script: These drivers do not support print jobs with more than 10 custom print settings. Final Draft includes two print options which can easily have more than 10 custom print settings ...

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