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Orange arrow How do I import a script from Celtx?

  To import a script from Celtx: Open the script in Celtx; Go to Actions > Export to Text; The text file will automatically be saved to your Downloads folder; Quit or minimize/hide Celtx and open Final Draft; Go to File > Open. Navigate the Open dialogue box to look in the Downloa...
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Orange arrow Importing a script from another program such as Word.

  Scripts written in other programs (such as Word) can be opened in Final Draft software in a few easy steps. Open the script in the program in which it was created; Choose the Desktop as the save-to location and from the Save as Type or Format dropdown menu, choose Plain Text, Text Only or ASCII...
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Orange arrow I have Final Draft for Windows and it doesn't see the scripts I wrote in an earlier version of Final Draft.

  Final Draft defaults to only looking for newer FDX files. It doesn't know you want it to look for the older Final Draft file format, FDR. Open Final Draft; Go to File > Open; At the bottom of the Open window, adjust the Files of Type dropdown menu to Final Draft 5-7 Documents (fdr/fdt); now...
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Orange arrow When I paste a large document into Final Draft, it freezes.

  Final Draft isn't frozen and it hasn't crashed. Pasting in a large document requires that every page be recalculated and this can take some time. After you paste the material in, give the program a few minutes to do its job. When it's done you'll be able to resume your work. IMPORTANT: Do NOT past...
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