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Orange arrow What is Format Assistant?

  Format Assistant is used to check the script for formatting errors. Final Draft is designed to automatically format a script correctly. But because formatting errors may unintentionally occur while you are writing, the Format Assistant will alert you if a script has: Elements that begin with a ...
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Orange arrow I imported a script from Word (or another program) and it's all messed up. How do I get it back in shape?

  If you import a script from another program (or you have rebuilt a damaged Final Draft file) and you find that, for example, you have scene headings that are formatted as action or character names that are formatted as dialogue, you can easily get these pieces of text looking the way they're suppos...
Orange arrow I imported a script from another program and now it's several pages longer (or shorter).

  Other programs do not paginate a script the way Final Draft does and when a file is imported into Final Draft, the page count will almost certainly be different. Element margins, top and bottom margins, page breaking, line breaking, line spacing and especially the font -- even if a Courier font is ...
Orange arrow Applying a custom template to a script in for Mac (applies to the retail version, not the Mac App Store version)

  Create your template (File > Save As > Final Draft template) and save it to the Desktop; Quit Final Draft ((Command + Q); Go to Finder > Applications > Final Draft 8; CTRL + Click > Show Package Contents; Go to Contents > Mac OS > Data > Stationery; Drag the template in...
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Orange arrow I don't want dialogue and action to break at the end of a sentence at the bottom of the page.

  Final Draft is set so that if the last sentence on a page (action or dialogue) will be separated by the page break, it will instead begin that sentence at the top of the next page, like this: To change this, go to Document > Page Layout / Options tab. You'll see the box for this option; unche...
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Orange arrow How can I change a script's formatting?

  If you need to change any of the attributes of any of the elements that comprise a script, go to Format > Elements (Mac) or Format > Element Settings (Windows). Here you will find controls and settings for each element (Scene Heading, Character Name, Dialogue, etc.). Settings for keyboard sh...
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Orange arrow How can I keep the text formatted in the body of an e-mail message?

  With the file open in Final Draft, go to File > Export; Select Rich Text Format (RTF) under Format (Mac) or Save As Type (Win); Save the file; Open the RTF file in Microsoft Word or another word processing program that recognizes RTF; Highlight all of the text; Go to Edit > Copy and then...
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Orange arrow How can I save my FD8 script as a template? (Windows)

  To save a script as a template so you don't have to reconfigure a new blank script every time: Go to File > Save As and give the file a different name, just to be on the safe side. If you want any text to appear in the template, leave it. If you want your new template to be blank, delete all...
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