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Orange arrow Should there be two blank lines between transitions and scenes?

  Two blank lines above a Scene Heading or a Shot are considered by many to be standard screenplay format. Final Draft's default Screenplay template is already set this way. If you are working with a script not set this way and you want to change it, go to Format > Elements Settings (FD10 / 9 on ...
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Orange arrow How does the Scene Heading element work?

  The Scene Heading element is divided into three sections: Intro (INT./EXT.) Location Time of Day To properly use the Scene Heading element, you tab through it to get to each section. Do not press the Enter / Return key to move to the next section of the Scene Heading. 1. Type the letter "I...
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Orange arrow I get an Out of Bounds exception error in Tagger 1 when I export my tagged file to a scheduling program.

  This error usually means that a Scene Heading is too long; the most common cause is when a sizable piece of action is seen by the program as a Scene Heading. A quick way to ascertain whether you have Scene Headings that are too long is to open the original Final Draft script in Final Draft. Go ...

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