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Orange arrow Final Draft 7: Is there a way to send only the revisions?

  No. The revisions are part of the original document, which is one complete file. You can't send part of a file. However, you can create a separate document with just the revisions by copying and pasting them into a new document. Be sure to turn on Revision Mode in the new document and mark or clea...
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Orange arrow How do I remove (asterisks) revision marks from the entire script?

  Since this action can't be reversed with Edit > Undo (or Control / Command + Z), you should first go to File > Save As and rename the file so you'll have a copy of the script with revision marks and a copy without revision marks. Go to Edit > Select All. Go to Production > Clear Rev...
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Orange arrow What are the standard revision set colors?

  According to the WGA west, the standard script revision color sets are: Unrevised Draft -- Production White Blue Revision Pink Revision Yellow Revision Green Revision Goldenrod Revision Buff Revision Salmon Revision Cherry Revision Second Blue Rev...
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