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Orange arrow Should there be two blank lines between transitions and scenes?

  Two blank lines above a Scene Heading or a Shot are considered by many to be standard screenplay format. Final Draft's default Screenplay template is already set this way. If you are working with a script not set this way and you want to change it, go to Format > Elements Settings (FD10 / 9 on ...
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Orange arrow In Final Draft 8, if I use a Transition element for FADE IN:, how can I set it to be on the left-hand side?

  Place your cursor anywhere in the words FADE IN: ...and click on the Elements dropdown menu. On Mac it's at the bottom of the screen... and on Windows it's at the top in the Toolbar. Choose General and this block of text will align to the left margin: IMPORTANT: Live technical support (...
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Orange arrow How does the Scene Heading element work?

  The Scene Heading element is divided into three sections: Intro (INT./EXT.) Location Time of Day To properly use the Scene Heading element, you tab through it to get to each section. Do not press the Enter / Return key to move to the next section of the Scene Heading. 1. Type the letter "I...
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Orange arrow How do I create a new element?

  Go to Format > Elements (Format > Element Settings in FD10 / 9 for Windows) and choose New. In the Element Name box, overtype the text that's there with the name of your new element. In this example, it's "SFX." 1. Set the new element's behavior, font and formatting with the controls on the ...
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Orange arrow How can I change a script's formatting?

  If you need to change any of the attributes of any of the elements that comprise a script, go to Format > Elements (Format > Element Settings in FD10 / 9 for Windows). Here you will find controls and settings for each element (Scene Heading, Character Name, Dialogue, etc.). Settings for keyb...
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