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  WINDOWS Tagger 2 MAC Tagger 2 Tagger 2 ReadMe PDF...
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Orange arrow When I try to open a script in Tagger 2, I get an unhandled exception error or an exception of class NilObjectException error.

  This error is caused by an issue that has been addressed in the version of Tagger 2. Click HERE for the full installer (at the bottom of the list)....
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Orange arrow How do I get a Tagger file into Movie Magic Scheduling in Mac OSX?

  To get a Tagger file into Movie Magic Scheduling in OSX: In Tagger, go to File > Export to Schedule; Save the file to a convenient location, such as the Desktop; Open Scheduling; Go to File > New; Go to File > Import. Navigate to the exported Tagger file, select it and it will be im...
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Orange arrow Using Tagger on Windows, I can't highlight text with the mouse.

  In Tagger on Windows, only the top half of the I-Beam cursor is sensitive -- that is, if the I-Beam cursor is positioned too high on the line it won't work. The remedy is to make sure that when you move the I-Beam cursor to where you want to place the insertion point or to text that you want to ...
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Orange arrow Import Revisions command in Tagger 1 wipes out existing tags and custom categories.

  This problem can occur in scripts written in earlier versions of FD7 and FD6 / 5 because they don't place into the scene heading elements certain pieces of code Tagger needs to identify new revised text. The workaround is to always open in Final Draft 7.1.3 any script you need to tag. It will prob...
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Orange arrow Why is my FADE IN - FADE OUT being shown as a scene in Tagger?

  Because of the way Tagger identifies elements in scripts, sometimes it will identify FADE IN or FADE OUT as a Scene Heading. The simple solution is to bring the script into Final Draft 7 and edit out the FADE IN or FADE OUT. You can then import the script into Tagger without these extraneous "scene...
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Orange arrow When I import a script into Tagger, the text is cut off, the whole scene does not appear and there's no scroll bar (Windows).

  Close any open programs; Windows 8: Type "Control Panel" (without quotes) or access the Control Panel another way; Choose Display; Choose the Custom Sizing option; Change the Scale to this Percentage dropdown from 100% to 125%; Click Apply and then OK. Windows 7 / Vista / XP Click St...
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Orange arrow Can I import Final Draft 5 and 6 files into Tagger 2?

  You can't import a file written in Final Draft 7 / 6 / 5 directly into Tagger 2. You must first open it in FD8 and save it as a Final Draft 8 document (.FDX) before importing it into Tagger....
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