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Orange arrow Does Final Draft recognize non-speaking characters in a breakdown?

  Final Draft 11 / 10 / 9 give the user the ability to insert non-speaking characters into a scene, and these characters will be represented in reports and breakdowns. Final Draft 8 / 7 will recognize only characters who speak in a scene. Characters with no lines, who are referred to only in action,...
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Orange arrow Is it possible to number speeches in Final Draft?

  Yes. You can number any paragraph you want. Go to Production > Scene Numbers; Click the Add numbers box; Change the element to the one you want numbered (for example, Dialogue); Click OK. This will number each Dialogue paragraph sequentially....
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Orange arrow Final Draft 7: Is there a way to send only the revisions?

  No. The revisions are part of the original document, which is one complete file. You can't send part of a file. However, you can create a separate document with just the revisions by copying and pasting them into a new document. Be sure to turn on Revision Mode in the new document and mark or clea...
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Orange arrow I want to number other elements, such as shots, characters, or dialogue.

  Final Draft allows you to number any element or any line you want. To number a particular element: Go to Production > Scene Numbers; Check Add Numbers (Windows) or Number/Renumber (Mac); Select the element you want to number (Shot, in this example); Click OK. Now the element you chose...
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Orange arrow I edited the page number of a locked script and now I have two page numbers in the header.

  Place the cursor at the top of the page; Go to Production menu and choose Lock A Pages; Go to Production > Locking Tools. Select Adjust Current Locked Page Click OK at the warning; You will probably see two choices of the same page number. Select the second one and click OK. This should r...
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Orange arrow How do I remove (asterisks) revision marks from the entire script?

  Since this action can't be reversed with Edit > Undo (or Control / Command + Z), you should first go to File > Save As and rename the file so you'll have a copy of the script with revision marks and a copy without revision marks. Go to Edit > Select All. Go to Production > Clear Rev...
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Orange arrow What are locked pages?

  This is a production feature that locks the text on a particular page so that any revisions or deletions of text don't affect the numbering of any other page. For example, in a locked script you can add text to Page 2 that runs past the length of the page. The new text won't go onto Page 3; instea...
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Orange arrow Final Draft 7: I clicked on Clear Revised but the revision marks are still there.

  Scroll up a page and back. This will redraw your screen and the asterisks should disappear. NOTE: All support for Final Draft 7, including software activation, has been discontinued. You may find solutions to problems in the online knowledge base or in the PDF manual found on the installation CD....
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Orange arrow How do I use the header label system?

  Header Labels are typically used to display the act and/or scene number in the header of each page. They have the ability to hold customized text for successive sections of the script. The first step is to configure the header so that it contains a Label field (Document > Header and Footer, the...
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Orange arrow What are the standard revision set colors?

  According to the WGA west, the standard script revision color sets are: Unrevised Draft -- Production White Blue Revision Pink Revision Yellow Revision Green Revision Goldenrod Revision Buff Revision Salmon Revision Cherry Revision Second Blue Rev...
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Orange arrow Can Final Draft 9 export to Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting (MMS & B)?

  Final Draft 9 does not export files to the MMS & B file format because MMS & B opens the FDX file directly. There is no need to export the script to another file format....
Orange arrow How do I change the revision set colors?

  To change the names and colors of Final Draft's revision sets, go to Production > Revisions Setup > Revision Sets (Windows) or Production > Revisions (Mac). Click the revision set you want to rename and in the box simply enter the name you want. In the example below, the Blue Rev set has ...
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Orange arrow In my locked script, I keep getting lower-case "a"'s in the page numbers (i.e. 4aA).

  When A pages are locked and you insert enough material between Page 4 and Page 4A to generate a new page, that new page will be listed with a lowercase letter (the new "a" page) followed by the uppercase letter (the existing "A" page). Note that this same logic applies to scene numbering: If you'v...
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Orange arrow Can Final Draft help with formatting a shooting script?

  Yes. All the production features of a shooting script, such as scene numbers, revisions and page locking, can be found under the Production menu. The User Guide explains each menu item in more detail. Click HERE for the Final Draft user guides....
Orange arrow Can Final Draft export to Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting?

  Yes. Final Draft 11: Go to File > Export and choose the Movie Magic (.sex) format. FD10 / 9 / 8: Simply save the FDX file and it can be imported into Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting. Make sure that the scenes in your script each start with a Scene Heading Element and that you have added ...

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