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Orange arrow Continueds are cut off at the bottom of the page when I print.

  Different printers have slight variations in their print margins, sometimes causing the lower Continued to get cut off. Go to Document > Page Layout and and increase the Footer margin by one tick, from the default of .50 to .625....
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Orange arrow Does Final Draft use fractional widths?

  No. Fractional widths would put too much slop in the formatting and defeats the one-page-per-minute formula. They can also lead to human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!...
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Orange arrow How do I print the title page with my script in Final Draft 9 / 8?

  Windows: Go to File > Print and towards the bottom of the window make sure there is a check in the Include Title Page box. Click OK and the script will print out with the title page. Mac: Go to File > Print and (if necessary) expand the Print dialogue box by choosing Show Details (10.10 - ...
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Orange arrow How can I print ScriptNotes™ markers?

  Go to Tools > Reports and choose ScriptNote™ Report. This will create an editable, savable file containing all the ScriptNotes™ markers in the script....
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Orange arrow Can I print a single scene in Final Draft?

  Go to File > Print and choose a range of scenes to print separated by a dash (for example 1-4), individual scenes separated by commas (for example 2,4,6) or a combination (as in the example below, 1-3,5). If you have any previous version of Final Draft, there isn't an option to print a select...
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Orange arrow When I go to print I get an error message saying that the printer is not activated.

  On some Windows computers, the Amyuni PDF Converter (the (the third-party PDF utility built into Final Draft) is denied access to the printer. The problem can also occur with other programs using Amyuni software. A remedy that has worked for some users is to right-click Final Draft in the Start Me...
Orange arrow How do I print out specific pages?

  On Windows, go to File > Print and check the Page radio button and type in the range of pages (i.e. 1-6, 8) that you want to print. You can also select particular pages instead of a range (i.e. 2,7,9). On Mac, go to File > Print and choose Final Draft from the center dropdown menu. If it'...
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Orange arrow Can Final Draft 8 print back to front?

  This is set in the print dialogue window. Go to File > Print. On Windows, check the Print Backwards box on the right. On Mac, (if necessary) expand the Print window by clicking Show Details (10.10 - Yosemite / 10.9 - Mavericks / 10.8 - Mountain Lion) or the down-pointing arrow next to the Pr...
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Orange arrow Final Draft on macOS (Sierra / 10.12) crashes when I try to print, use print commands for a PDF or export a script.

  Due to changes in the operating system, the print, print-to-PDF and export commands in Final Draft 9.0.9 (and earlier) and Final Draft 8 on macOS (Sierra / 10.12) do not work. If you have Final Draft 9, download and install the free 9.1 update to remedy this problem. There will be no update to Fi...
Orange arrow Why aren't my page numbers printing?

  If you see them on screen but not in Print Preview, the page number may have been adjusted out of the print parameter so that it cannot be printed on the page. 1. Go to Document > Header and Footer; 2. If the page number field at the upper right is anchored to a tab stop in the ruler bar, drag...
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Orange arrow How do I print the title page with my script in Final Draft 7 / 6 / 5?

  On Windows: Go to File > Print and towards the bottom of the window you'll see a check box to Print Title Page. On Mac: Go to File > Print and you'll see a dropdown menu that allows you to change various settings and attributes of the print job. The default will probably be "Copies and Pag...
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Orange arrow In Index Card View in Final Draft for Windows, File > Print Preview shows only a blank page with a couple of red lines at the top.

  This is a known issue and should be addressed in an upcoming iteration....
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Orange arrow Why won't my script print?

  First, check the print window to make sure nothing has been checked that shouldn't be. For example, if you check Print Revised Pages Only and you are not in revision mode or have no revised pages, nothing will print. There is an issue on some HP printers involving their ability to process an older...
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Orange arrow When I try to print a script, I get blank pages.

  This can occur on a Mac if there's an issue with the installed printer driver or the printer itself. Under File > Print, if you see an icon next to the printer, it's an indication that the printer driver may need to be reinstalled or updated or the printer may need attention. A healthy printer ...
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Orange arrow Is it possible to print out a script with all the ScriptNotes™ markers expanded?

  ScriptNotes™ markers can't be printed with the script. They can only be printed in a separate report. Go to Tools > Reports and choose ScriptNote Report. This will generate a separate document with all ScriptNotes™ markers....
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