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Orange arrow Can Final Draft 9 / 8 cheat the page count?

  There are several ways to cheat the number of pages in your script. IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that you experiment with a test copy of your script instead of working with the master. Go to File > Save As and rename the script "Pagination Test" or something similar. There are two options ...
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Orange arrow Can Final Draft 7 / 6 / 5 cheat the page count?

  There are several ways to cheat the number of pages in your script. We recommend that you experiment with a test script before working with the master. You can change the margins of your various elements: Go to Format > Elements; Click the Paragraph tab; Highlight the element you want to c...
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Orange arrow When I opened my script today in FD8 / 7, my page count changed drastically.

  It's possible that your printer driver has somehow been changed to a different page orientation or size. It's Letter in the US and other countries and A4 in some other countries. The orientation should be Portrait. WINDOWS Close Final Draft; Open your printer driver: Windows 8: Go to Start ...
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Orange arrow Can I change Final Draft's starting page number?

  Yes. Go to Document > Header and Footer and click on the Options tab. The default starting page number is 1; overtype this with the number you want and click OK....
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Orange arrow Why is my script longer than when it was first written in another version?

  This can happen for a number of reasons. If the script was originally written in a font different from the one you're using now, there will be a page count difference (either longer or shorter). To see which font you're currently using, go to Edit > Select All. Next, go to Format > Font...
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Orange arrow Can I change the paper size from US Letter to A4 in Final Draft AV?

  No, Final Draft AV doesn't have this ability. NOTE: All support for AV has been discontinued....
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Orange arrow In Final Draft 7, deleting a locked A page combines that locked A page with next page instead of the preceding page.

  When the pages are locked and a page is deleted, its number gets combined with the next page. For example, if the sequence of pages is 1-1A-2 and 1A is deleted, the sequence of pages will be 1, 1A-2. If you need it to be 1-1A, 2: Highlight Page 1-1A; Go to Edit > Cut; Without moving the bl...
Orange arrow Can I change the page numbers in Final Draft AV 2?

  Final Draft AV 2 does not have this capability. If you manually override the page numbers in the header, the same page number will show up on every page. NOTE: All support for AV 2 has been discontinued....
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Orange arrow In FD 7.1x the printed PDF pages don't match the printed FD pages.

  This is caused by a couple of the default Acrobat Reader print settings. To print the PDF, open the PDF of your script in Acrobat Reader. Go to File > Print and a standard Windows print dialogue box will open. In the Page Handling section change Page Scaling to "None" and uncheck the two prefer...
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Orange arrow My script is printing in landscape and I can't change it back (Windows).

  To get Final Draft 8 / 7's page size and orientation set correctly, it must be reset at the printer driver level. 1. Close Final Draft; 2A. Windows 10: Click the Start button, type the word "Printers" (without quotes) and choose Devices and Printers; 2B. Windows 8: On the Start screen (the scree...
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Orange arrow I can't change the default paper size or orientation for Final Draft on a Mac

  If it's open, close Final Draft (Command + Q); Go to your Applications folder and open TextEdit; In TextEdit go to File > Page Setup; Select the correct paper size (usually US Letter or A4); Make sure Portrait is set as the orientation; Make sure the scale percentage is set to 100; Under S...
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Orange arrow How many lines per page does Final Draft write and what are my line spacing options?

  Under Document > Page Layout > Options are the four possible line spacing settings: Loose, Normal, Tight and Very Tight. A 100-page (exactly) script in the default Final Draft screenplay template (US Letter) set to Normal will come in at 107 in Loose, 95 pages in Tight and 90 pages in Very Ti...
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Orange arrow In Final Draft 7 / 6 / 5, dual dialogue at the bottom of the page of a locked script moves to the top of the next page or creates an "A" page when the file is closed and re-opened.

  This is a known issue that has been resolved, although the fix is not available for Final Draft 7 / 6 / 5. Information on the upgrade to Final Draft 10 is HERE. The issue sometimes occurs with dual dialogue (two characters speaking at the same time with the dialogue side by side). The workaround f...
Orange arrow In Final Draft AV 2.5, when I export my file as an RTF and open it in a regular word processor, it's hundreds of pages long.

  As you're saving the file as RTF, an RTF Options box will come up in which you can choose to export the detailed header and include the character name above dialogue. Uncheck the Character name above Dialogue check box and the RTF will paginate correctly in the word processor. NOTE: All support ...
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Orange arrow I deleted page 10 and now I have a page 10-11.

  When you lock your pages and then delete an entire page, this deleted page must be accounted for when distributing drafts. Final Draft 9 / 8 correctly rolls the deleted page's number backwards and combines it with the previous page's number. If Page 10 is deleted, page 9-10 will be created (10 bei...

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