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Orange arrow When I work on a script on a Mac with two monitors, then open that script on a Mac with one monitor, I can't see the document.

  In the Mac OS, when you operate dual monitors the computer sees both monitors as two parts of one giant desktop. When you go back to one monitor, the computer is still using the setting for the larger desktop resolution so documents (or icons or anything) that were on the second monitor are still t...
Orange arrow Glossary of Screenwriting Terms

  This glossary contains brief definitions for screenwriting and film production terms. Some but not all of these terms are found in Final Draft as SmartType choices or macros. It is not and was not intended to be exhaustive. ANGLE ON Used to emphasize a specific object in a shot to indicate that a d...
Orange arrow What is the general rule in timing a script?

  The rule of thumb is one minute per page, assuming the page is formatted to conventional industry standards. Final Draft's default template conforms to these standards and can be relied upon to produce a page that translates to roughly one minute of screen time. Of course, if you write action like...
Orange arrow How can I create a Final Draft shortcut or alias on my desktop?

  Windows 10: Click on the Start button and choose All Apps; Locate Final Draft on the list of programs; Drag the Final Draft icon to the Desktop. Windows 8: A Final Draft tile will most likely have been created on the Start screen when you installed the program. If not: Click on the down...
Orange arrow I've just completed my first screenplay. How should I present it?

  Scripts are most often submitted on white three-hole paper with brass brads in the top and bottom holes. Hard stock cover sheets with three holes are sometimes used for the cover. Avoid fancy fonts and artwork. You want a plain presentation. We recommend the Writers Guild web site for more informa...
Orange arrow Script text in Final Draft on Windows appears blurry.

  1. Close Final Draft. 2a. On Windows 8, in the Start screen, type "Control Panel" (without quotes) and click on the Control Panel tile to select it; Choose Appearance and Personalization > Display > Make text and other items larger or smaller. 2b. On older Windows computers, go to Start >...
Orange arrow How does Final Draft work with the Kindle?

  You can read a script written in Final Draft on a Kindle by saving your Final Draft file as an HTML or TXT file, then sending the file wirelessly to the Kindle. We've found that TXT files work best although this file format will display all of the text flush left. To save a script in HTML or TXT, ...
Orange arrow How do I copyright my screenplay?

  In Final Draft for Windows, go to File > WGA; in Final Draft for Mac go to File > Register Script. If your computer has an internet connection, you will be taken to a page on our website with a link to the Writers' Guild of America, west's registration page. Final Draft is a preferred file f...
Orange arrow Can I put pictures into my script?

  Final Draft 11 supports JPG, PNG and GIF graphics on script pages, title pages and the Beat Board. Images may be dragged from a folder on the hard drive directly to the page or a Beat, or may be inserted via menu and mouse commands. Previous versions of Final Draft do not support graphics in any ...
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Orange arrow In Final Draft 8 for Macintosh, the Navigator is blank even though the Scene Properties Inspector does see individual scenes.

  This is an uncommon error and its cause is unclear. The remedy is to thoroughly uninstall Final Draft and reinstall it. See this article for instructions: Uninstalling Final Draft 8 from a Mac. IMPORTANT: Live technical support (phone, chat, email) for Final Draft 8 has been discontinued. You will...
Orange arrow Final Draft runs slow on a Windows 7 computer.

  On Windows 7 computers with a limited amount of RAM (memory), diminished system resources can cause an overall system slowdown that can also affect Final Draft. The first thing to do is restart your computer and see if the problem persists. If it does, right-click on your Taskbar (the menu bar typ...
Orange arrow How can I type in an "em" dash? It shows up as two hyphens.

  If you use Final Draft or AV for Windows, click HERE for instructions on inserting accent marks or symbols into a script. If you use Final Draft or AV for Mac, click HERE for instructions on inserting accent marks or symbols into a script....
Orange arrow In Final Draft 9, why did Speech Control stop in the middle of my script?

  Check the line on which Speech Control stopped and make sure that isn't blank. If it is, delete that blank line and save the file. Then run the Speech Control again. If you are having trouble finding blank lines, go to View > Invisibles. This will display the non-printing formatting marks ("inv...
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Orange arrow Is there any way to integrate storyboards into Final Draft?

  No. Final Draft is strictly a formatting word processor. However, you can import your FDX scripts into various storyboard programs as many of them have a file import feature. Consult the storyboard program's documentation for information on importing script files....
Orange arrow My script is pretty bad. What can I do?

  We took a customer's suggestion and added an Improve Script command. Go to Tools > Improve Script > Convert to > Comedy. NOTE: We removed the Add Car Chase command because it tended to cause crashes....

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