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Orange arrow There are gray periods and paragraph symbols all over my script.

  The invisibles have been turned on. Go to the View menu, click Invisibles and they'll disappear. Invisibles are markers that indicate how many spaces are between words, automatic and forced carriage returns and other formatting codes. They do not print even if they're visible on your screen....
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Orange arrow What is Format Assistant?

  Format Assistant is used to check the script for formatting errors. Final Draft is designed to automatically format a script correctly. But because formatting errors may unintentionally occur while you are writing, the Format Assistant will alert you if a script has: Elements that begin with a ...
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Orange arrow Is there a way to delete a character's name from the SmartType list?

  Go to Document > SmartType > Characters; Select the character name you want to remove and click Delete; Click OK to close the window. Note that this does not remove the character name if it appears in the script. More information is here: How can I change a character name throughout the...
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Orange arrow Where can I find stageplay templates in FD8?

  Final Draft has several theater templates built in. Go to File > New from Stationery. Select Scripts. You'll see your options for stageplays. Keep in mind that all Final Draft templates are extremely customizable so if you need different margins, font, etc., you can design your own template. I...
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Orange arrow How to remove items such as character names from the SmartType list

  Follow these steps: Go to Document > SmartType; Click on Characters; Highlight the character name you want to remove; Click Delete. If you have several characters in this list that you want to remove, you can click Rebuild. Final Draft will scan your script for all character names and u...
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Orange arrow Is it possible to number speeches in Final Draft?

  Yes. You can number any paragraph you want. Go to Production > Scene Numbers; Click the Add numbers box; Change the element to the one you want numbered (for example, Dialogue); Click OK. This will number each Dialogue paragraph sequentially....
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Orange arrow Speech Control in Final Draft doesn't recognize character name changes.

  Go into your SmartType Character list (Document > SmartType > Characters) and click the Rebuild button. This will rebuild your character list from the script and will reset the character list for speech control. You can then reassign the actor to the new character name....
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Orange arrow How can I compare two drafts of my script in Final Draft?

  Open one of your drafts. Go to Tools > ScriptCompare. An Open dialogue window will open, which will allow you to find and open the second script. This will create a third "Changes" document that displays the differences between the first and second. Any new text in the second script will be i...
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Orange arrow Is the Final Draft screenplay template industry-standard format?

  Yes. Our format is based on industry consensus of how a script should look. Of course, there will always be variations to the format based on studio or production company requirements. If you're going to submit a script to a particular studio or producer, you may want to check to see if they have a...
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Orange arrow Some character names don't appear in the cast report.

  If your cast list report is empty or inaccurate, go to Document > SmartType, choose Characters and click Rebuild. Then click OK. This will cause the program to scan your script and refresh the character list. The next cast list report you generate should be accurate. NOTE: Final Draft 10 giv...
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Orange arrow My character (or cast) report lists certain characters as non-speaking in scenes but the characters are not actually in those scenes in the script. How can I fix this?

  Final Draft has the ability to add non-speaking characters to scenes. However, once a non-speaking character has been manually added to a scene, it must be manually removed or edited to reflect changes made to the script later (such as deleting a character from a scene or changing a character's nam...
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Orange arrow How can I print ScriptNotes™ markers?

  Go to Tools > Reports and choose ScriptNote™ Report. This will create an editable, savable file containing all the ScriptNotes™ markers in the script....
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Orange arrow Can Final Draft do a word count?

  Yes. Go to Tools > Reports > Statistics Report. This will give you an editable, savable report that includes a total word count in addition to other information, broken down by scene and character. NOTE: Reports are disabled for text documents....
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Orange arrow Can I do a word count for my characters?

  Yes. Go to Tools > Reports and click Statistics Report. This will generate a report with lots of information, including a word count, the number of times a character speaks in each scene and the number of words a character speaks in each scene. There are other interesting stats as well....
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Orange arrow How can I see all the dialogue for a single character?

  Go to Tools > Reports > Character Report; Choose the character you want to report on and click OK; This will generate a report of the number of times the character speaks, who he or she interacts with the most and a list of all of his or her dialogue. The report can be edited, saved and pri...
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