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Orange arrow When I double-click on a Final Draft script icon, I get a message that says "There was a problem sending the command to the program" and then the script opens.

  Remove the ddeexec key from the Registry: Close Final Draft, if it's open; Go to the Start button and type "regedit" (without quotes) into the Search Windows box; Open the Registry Editor; In the tree, navigate to: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Final Draft.Document \ Shell \ Open; Delete the ddexec fo...
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Orange arrow When I try to activate Final Draft 10 / 9 on my Mac, I get this: "Activation server failed with the following error message: Error:[0, 0, 0]***Error code was: 0”

  Follow these steps to remove the activation files from your computer: Close Final Draft, if it's open; Open a Finder window, click Go from the menu bar at the top of your screen and click Computer; Open Macintosh HD > Library > Preferences > FLEXnet Publisher > FLEXnet; (NOTE: I...
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Orange arrow I get "Printer not activated. Error -20" when I try to save as PDF on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

  Close Final Draft; Windows 8: On the Start screen, right-click on the Final Draft 9 / 8 tile block (if it's there); Choose Run As Administrator; OR On the Start screen, type "Final Draft" (without quotes) to call up the Final Draft 9 / 8 tile; Right-click it and choose Run As Administra...
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Orange arrow When I try to save my script in FD8 / 7 on Windows, I get a message stating that the file exists and is marked read-only.

  This is the result of using the Save As command repeatedly. Save As should be used only when you want to rename the file or save it to another location. If you're saving your script as a matter of practice during a writing session, use the Save command rather than the Save As command. The remedy t...
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Orange arrow In Final Draft 9 / 8 on Windows 10, I get an Error -20 when I save a file as PDF.

  This problem was corrected by a free update to FD9 and does not occur in Final Draft 10. If you do not have 9.0.9 installed, see How do I update Final Draft 9? Final Draft 8 will not be updated to address this problem. FD8 users should use this workaround: Choose Print from the File menu or Fil...
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Orange arrow I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and now I get "Printer not activated. Error -20" when I try to save as PDF.

  This occurs because permission to run the PDF export utiilty was not preserved during the operating system upgrade. You can usually fix this issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the program: Close Final Draft 10 / 9; At the Windows Start screen (the one with the tiles) type "Uninstall" (with...
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Orange arrow When I try to save a Final Draft file on Mac, I get an error message saying that the file name is invalid.

  The problem is that there is an invalid character in either the file name or in one of the folder / sub-folder names. The most common scenario is a slash in the file name for the date, like this: Casablanca First Revision 7/12/10 Do not use slashes; use dashes instead. If the file name does not ...
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Orange arrow When I go to print I get an error message saying that the printer is not activated.

  On some Windows computers, the Amyuni PDF Converter (the (the third-party PDF utility built into Final Draft) is denied access to the printer. The problem can also occur with other programs using Amyuni software. A remedy that has worked for some users is to right-click Final Draft in the Start Me...
Orange arrow Opening a script sent via email returns an "Unexpected File Format" error.

  The sender may have used an ISP (internet service provider) which doesn't see Final Draft's unique file extention, .fdx or .fdr, as a valid file format. AOL in particular is known to have this issue. The ISP has changed the file type and Final Draft won't be able open it unless you convert it into ...
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Orange arrow I get an error -5000 when I try to save a script on an OS X computer.

  This is an Apple error message that comes up when you try to save to a folder to which you don't have permissions or write access. You can either save the file to a different folder or repair permissions on your computer. For information on repairing permissions, see this article: How to Repair per...
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Orange arrow When I try to open a certain FD7 file I get this error: "This file is not compatible with this version of Final Draft."

  This is a rare occurrence but it does happen from time to time. Something on the computer interrupted the data being saved from memory back to the hard drive, so the file wasn't written to the drive properly and is now unreadable by Final Draft. Don't panic. See this article for information on ho...
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Orange arrow I got an illegal operation, runtime error or other crash message.

  An illegal operation message is a generic Windows message that some task has occurred that causes Windows to shut down a program or the system. It could be from Final Draft or another program running in the background. Once this message appears, you can't do anything but close the window and the pr...
Orange arrow I got an error message when I tried to install or update from a download.

  It's most likely an incomplete or damaged download. Delete the installer or updater file you downloaded and download it again....
Orange arrow Final Draft 8 on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks),10.8 (Mountain Lion) or 10.7 (Lion) or quits unexpectedly or throws an "Incorrect Permissions" or other error when I t

  This can occur when you are running an outdated version of Final Draft 8. The remedy is to download and install the current version, It will overwrite your existing installation and once it's on board you should be able to open, activate and run Final Draft without further problems. The f...
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Orange arrow When I try to activate Final Draft 10 / 9 I get an error that states that the program could not contact the activation server.

  This error message is the result of a failed connection between your computer and the activation server. There are several possible causes and they are external to Final Draft. If you have Windows, create a new user account on the computer. Log in to this new account and try activating; once Fin...

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