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Orange arrow Can I e-mail a portion of my script rather than the whole thing?

  Since the only thing you can attach to an email is a whole file, you will need to create a new file that has only the pages you want. Simply copy and paste the pages you want into a new document, name it something like Myscript Pages 25-35 and save it. If you need the correct page numbers in the n...
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Orange arrow When I email my script to someone, why can't they open it?

  First, the recipient needs Final Draft installed on his/her computer. If it's not, they can download the free FD11 Trial, HERE, which will act as a reader. The other option is to save the file as a PDF; the command is File > Save as PDF. If you have FD 9 / 8 and your colleague has FD 7 / 6 / 5,...
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Orange arrow How do I compress a file before I email it?

  On Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, right-click on the file and choose Send To > Compressed (Zipped) Folder. You will see a compressed copy of the file in the same folder as the original; attach the copy to the email. On Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) / 10.9 (Mavericks) / 10.8 (Mountain Lion) / 10.7 (L...
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Orange arrow When I double-click on a script in an email, it says it's read-only.

  The workaround for this is simple: Drag the file out of the email onto your desktop or right-click > Save As and save it to a place on your computer. Once it's been saved out of your email program, it should be fully accessible and that error message won't come up anymore. If this doesn't work:...
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Orange arrow I need to e-mail part of my Final Draft script as a Word file.

  Create a new Final Draft document; Copy and paste the pages you want to e-mail into the new document; Go to File > Export and change Files of Type or Format to RTF; Name the file; Click Save. These steps will save the pages as an RTF file that can be opened in Word....
Orange arrow How can I keep the text formatted in the body of an e-mail message?

  With the file open in Final Draft, go to File > Export; Select Rich Text Format (RTF) under Format (Mac) or Save As Type (Win); Save the file; Open the RTF file in Microsoft Word or another word processing program that recognizes RTF; Highlight all of the text; Go to Edit > Copy and then...
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Orange arrow I use iTools for email and can't e-mail through Final Draft.

  An iTools email account requires authentication to send or receive email. Just as you have to provide a valid username and password to check your email, you also have to provide the same name and password to send email. Final Draft has no way to get the user name and password from the system to pro...
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Orange arrow I'm having problems e-mailing files using Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL web or other web-based email programs.

  The issue is not that Final Draft is incompatible with Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc. The issue is with Hotmail (or any free web-based e-mail like Yahoo, etc.) and formatted files. While web-based e-mail is great for standard e-mailing, there's a reason it's free. Although most free e-mail services and serv...
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Orange arrow My email program thinks a Final Draft file is a virus and won't accept it.

  Due to antivirus and security functions implemented by many internet service providers (ISPs) and web-based email programs, you may find that the ISP or the email program thinks your script file is a virus and won't let you attach it, or else renders it unopenable on the recipient's computer. There...
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