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Final Draft 10:

Windows: Go to Help > About Final Draft.

Mac: Go to the Final Draft 10 menu > About Final Draft.

As of November 16, 2017, the current build is 10.0.4.

Final Draft 9:

Go to Help > Get Help (9.0.6 and later) or Help > Customer Support (9.0.5 and earlier).

The current build is 9.1. How do I update Final Draft 9?

Final Draft 8:

Go to Help > Customer Support.


As of October 10, 2011, the current version is 8.0.3 build 120.


As of June 11, 2012, the current version is build 131.

Click HERE for the 8.0.3 / installer; click HERE for FD8 system requirements.

Final Draft 7:

Go to Help > Customer Support. As of October 30, 2006, the current version is 7.1.3 build 42.


Windows: Open This PC / Computer > Local Drive C > Program Files x86 (or Program Files) > Final Draft 9 / 8 / 7 and right-click the Final Draft icon. Choose Properties and then click the Details tab. Windows XP users click the Version tab.

Mac: Open Applications or Macintosh HD > Applications > Final Draft 9 / 8 / 7 and Control+click or right-click the Final Draft icon. Choose Get Info.

NOTE: All support for Final Draft 7, including software activation, has been discontinued. You may find solutions to problems in the online knowledge base or in the PDF manual found on the installation CD.

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