I have Final Draft 8 on Mac OS x 10.11 (El Capitan) and the formatting / pagination is messed up.

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I have Final Draft 8 on Mac OS x 10.11 (El Capitan) and the formatting / pagination is messed up.


El Capitan places the Courier Final Draft font in a location that Final Draft 8 -- an old program -- doesn't know about. This can result in formatting and pagination changes.

If you have installed FD8 on a 10.11 (El Capitan) computer or have upgraded a computer running an older version of OS X to this newer version, you will need to manually install the Courier Final Draft font. Once this font has been installed to a location FD8 can access, your scripts should again look like what they're supposed to look like.

  1. Close Final Draft, if it's open (Command + Q);
  2. Click HERE to download the font;
  3. Locate the downloaded font in your Downloads folder;
  4. Drag the font onto your Desktop;
  5. Open your Fonts folder:
    1. Click anywhere on your Desktop (any empty space on your background);
    2. From the menu bar at the top of your screen open the Go menu;
    3. Choose Computer > Macintosh HD > Library > Fonts;
  6. Drag the font from your Desktop into the Fonts folder;
  7. If you are prompted to replace the existing file, choose Replace;
  8. Restart your computer;
  9. Open a script in Final Draft; the font, formatting and pagination should be as expected.

If you have saved your script in another font and want to change it back to Courier Final Draft, follow the directions in this article: How do I change a whole script to another font?

This font issue does not occur in Final Draft 11. Information on upgrading is HERE.

IMPORTANT: Live technical support (phone, chat, email) for Final Draft 8 has been discontinued. You will still be able to find information and solutions in this knowledge base and in the FD8 User Guide.

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