How do I get my script into the Final Draft Mobile App for iPhone?

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How do I get my script into the Mobile App for iPhone?


1. Through email:

a. Open the iPhone's Mail program;

b. Touch the email with the script attached;

c. Touch the script icon;

d. Touch Open in the Final Draft Mobile App.

2. Through iTunes filesharing:

3. Through Dropbox:

a. Open the Mobile App;

b. Touch the plus sign at the upper left;

c. Touch "From Dropbox;"

d. Select the script you wish to open;

e. The script will appear in the list of scripts in the Mobile App. Simply touch the script name to open the file.

IMPORTANT: Only FDX files (ones created in Final Draft 10 /9 / 8) are openable in this application. It cannot open FDR (Final Draft 7 / 6 / 5), PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, RTF or any other kind of file.

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