How do I move or copy an installation of Final Draft from one computer to another?

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How do I move or copy an installation of Final Draft from one computer to another?


You don't -- if you do it won't work right. An installed copy of Final Draft is more than the program folder that's visible on your hard drive in Applications (Mac) or Program Files (Windows). A number of other crucial program components are installed to various places in the operating system and unless they're also copied to the target computer, the program won't have everything it needs to run properly.

You can put a fresh install of Final Draft on as many computers as you want so there's no need, ever, to copy an installation from (for example) your old computer to your new computer. Instead, use the installer. Full installers are available HERE (choose your operating system and your version of Final Draft).

You do want to move the activation off that computer to make it available for the other computer.

  1. Open Final Draft on the computer from which you want to move / copy it.
  2. Go to Help > Deactivate and follow the prompts to deactivate. This takes the activation off the computer and holds it in your account on our server, ready to be downloaded onto the other computer. If you have FD8 and the computer does not have internet access, click HERE for instructions on manual deactivation.
  3. Download the Final Draft installer onto the other computer. The full installers are available HERE. Do not use the installation CD, if you have one, because it may be obsolete. Downloading ensures that you will have the current version of the program installed.
  4. Launch the program and follow the prompts to activate.
  5. If there is no prompt to activate, go to Help > Activate.
  6. If you are prompted to register and you have already registered, choose Register Later.

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