How do I import a script from Celtx?

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How do I import a script from Celtx?


To import a script from Celtx:

    1. Open the script in Celtx;
    2. Go to Actions > Export to Text;

  1. The text file will automatically be saved to your Downloads folder;
  2. Quit or minimize/hide Celtx and open Final Draft;
  3. Go to File > Open.
  4. Navigate the Open dialogue box to look in the Downloads folder;
  5. (Windows only) At the bottom of the Open dialogue box, change Files of Type to Text Files (.txt);
  6. Choose the text-only copy of the script file;
  7. At the prompt, choose Open as Script or Convert to Script (do not choose Text):
  8. Final Draft will import the text and render it as a feature screenplay. Go to File > Save and save the script with any file name modifications you might want, such as today's date or the word "master" (without quotes).

If you need to format it as something other than a feature screenplay, click HERE for more instructions.

If your script doesn't import with its formatting intact, click HERE for information on how to get it back in shape.

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