How can I add a symbol (such as a copyright mark) or accent marks to my script? (Windows)

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How can I add a symbol (such as a copyright mark) or accent marks to my script? (Windows)


Users of Final Draft on Windows should use the Windows Character Map.

  1. In the Windows Start menu, do a search in Cortana or the Search or Run box for the word "charmap" (without quotes);
  2. Choose the Character Map to open this utility;

  1. Select the font you're using in Final Draft (most likely Courier Final Draft);
  2. Look for the character you want;
  3. Select, copy and paste that character into Final Draft.

Note that when you select the character, you'll see a keystroke combination beginning with Alt+ followed by four digits. Use the Alt key and these numbers on your number pad to place the character into your script. For example, typing Alt+0169 into Final Draft will insert the copyright symbol, ©.

NOTE: If Character Map is not installed on your system, click HERE for the page on the Microsoft Support website for instructions.

If there's a symbol or accented character you'll be using often in your script, you can create a Macro. For more on Macros click HERE.

NOTE that Final Draft doesn't support Unicode and other kinds of font sets, so there may be characters and symbols you won't be able to use. Unsupported characters are usually rendered as a question mark, a slash, a box or some other symbol. If the character you want isn't displayed correctly after it's been pasted, typed or dragged into your script, you won't be able to to use it.

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