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Will Final Draft run on Windows 10?

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Will Final Draft run on Windows 10?


Our tests have shown no operational issues with Final Draft 11 / 10 / 9.1 running on Windows 10. For more information on updating FD9 see How do I update Final Draft 9?

Final Draft 8 will return an error message when you try to save a script as a PDF. See this article for the workaround: In Final Draft on Windows 10, I get an Error -20 when I save a file as PDF.

Final Draft 8 users on Windows 10 may also experience a delay between the keyboard and the screen (the displayed text may lag behind your typing). See Does Final Draft 8 run on Windows 10? for information on how to correct this. The delay may also be eliminated by ensuring that you have installed all available operating system updates.

No updates to address these issues in FD8 will be released.

Final Draft 7 will not be tested on Windows 10. It is no longer supported by Final Draft (A Cast & Crew Company) and is not recommended for this operating system.

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