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How do I install Final Draft 8 on my Windows computer?

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How do I install Final Draft 8 on my Windows computer?


IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be logged in as Administrator to install Final Draft 8. If you're not an Administrator, contact the person in your organization responsible for maintaining your network or computers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly recommend that you install Final Draft 8 to the default location given by the Installer. Installing it elsewhere may cause issues.

If you're installing from the Final Draft Install Disc, place it in the CD-ROM drive. Autorun should start and the splash screen appears (if not, double-click the Installer CD icon). If you're installing from the download, skip this step and simply double-click the installer file.


1. Click Install Final Draft. You'll see this progress bar:

2. The Installer Welcome window appears; click Next;

3. The License Agreement screen appears; read the End User License Agreement, click I Accept and then click Next;

4. Choose one foreign-language spell-check and click Next to install Final Draft to its default directory. We do not recommend installing the program elsewhere. If you wish to install it somewhere else, click Browse.

5. Click Next to begin installing Final Draft.

The program files will be installed...

A screen appears stating that installation was successful. Click Finish.

Restart your computer.

For your convenience, a shortcut to Final Draft will be placed in your Start > All Programs menu. For help on placing a Final Draft shortcut on your Desktop, click HERE.

IMPORTANT: Live technical support (phone, chat, email) for Final Draft 8 has been discontinued. You will still be able to find information and solutions in this knowledge base and in the FD8 User Guide.

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