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What formats can I import into Final Draft?

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What formats can I import into Final Draft?


Final Draft will import the following file formats:

  • Text files (aka ASCII Text)
  • RTF files
  • File converter files from Final Draft AV and old versions of Final Draft.

A script written in any standard word processing program can be exported as a text or RTF file, then imported into Final Draft. Final Draft will reformat the file as a feature screenplay. Exporting as text is the best choice, exporting as RTF is the second-best choice.

Open the script in the program in which it was written and save as or export it to your Desktop (or some other convenient place) as a plain text (ASCII) file. Then:

  1. Open Final Draft;
  2. Go to File > Open;
  3. Navigate to where the file was saved;
  4. Change Files of Type to Text Documents [Windows only];
  5. Double-click the text file to open it;
  6. When prompted, import it as a Script (or Screenplay). For more information on how to import text files, click HERE.

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