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What does it mean to register, activate, install, etc.?

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What does it mean to register, activate, install, etc.?


1. Registration: A one-time-only process that tells us you bought a copy of Final Draft what your unique Customer Number is. Your information is put into our secure database so we know who you are when you contact us for support, updates or upgrades. You don't have to register but you won't be able to get assistance from us if you don't. No personal information from this database is ever given or sold to any other company.

Registration has nothing to do with being able to run the program, it merely confirms that you are the owner of a particular software license.

If you know you've registered and the program is prompting you to register, choose Register Later.

2. Activation: Activation allows you to open the program in full mode and not Trial, Reader or Demo mode. Each regular retail copy of Final Draft comes with two activations.

An activation may be temporarily or permanently removed from one computer (deactivation) and used on another computer.

3. Installation: Putting or having a copy of Final Draft on your computer. You can have as many installations as you need but you can activate only the number of computers specified by the license type -- i.e. the FD11 retail package comes with two and a production company's site license comes with X.

The number of installations available to you is unconnected to how many activations you have. The full Final Draft installers are available as free downloads from our website.

4. License: Your ownership of a copy or copies of Final Draft. When you buy the program and register it, you're the sole legal owner of that software license. No one else contacting us with that Customer Number can get help from us.

5. Update: A set of fixes and enhancements within a version number -- that is, you can update from, for example, 10.0.3 to 10.0.8. Updates are always free.

6. Upgrade: An entirely new version of the program -- Final Draft 9 is different from 10 which is different from 11. Upgrades represent years of research and engineering and we do charge to upgrade. Registered customers have always gotten upgrades for more than half off the retail price.

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