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How can I change the way my script looks?

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How can I change the way my script looks?


You can globally change any attribute of any element any time. For example, if you want all of your action to be in italics,

  1. Go to Format > Elements Settings (Windows) or Format > Elements (Mac);
  2. Choose Action from the list on the left;
  3. Click the Font tab;
  4. Click Set Font;
  5. Click Italics in the Font Style box (Windows) or Style Attributes box (Mac) and OK your way back to the script.

This will render all action in italics:

You can change an element's font style -- i.e. Scene Headings underlined, Shots bold, etc. -- or an element's font color -- i.e. all Dialogue blue -- from this control panel as well. It's here also that you can change an element's look, behavior, shortcut key, spacing and margins. You can also create your own custom elements.

Format > Elements is really the brain of the Final Draft program. We suggest that you explore and experiment with it on a test script to see all the things it can do.

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