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Thoroughly uninstalling Final Draft 10/9 from a Windows 7 computer

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Thoroughly uninstalling Final Draft 9 from a Windows 7 computer


Note: If you are prompted at certain points to confirm that you want to continue, click Allow, Yes, OK, Continue or Next.

  1. If possible, deactivate Final Draft: Open the program and go to Help > Deactivate.
  2. At the far upper left of the Fina Draft application window, click the circular icon with the F in it and choose File > Exit;
  3. Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program;
  4. In the Uninstall or Change a Program window click Final Draft (verify that it's FD10/FD9 that's been chosen from the Version column at the far right) and click Uninstall;
  5. Go to Start > Control Panel and in the Search Control box at the upper right type the word Fonts;
  6. Click Preview, Delete or Show and Hide Fonts;
  7. You may or may not see the Courier Final Draft font. If you do, delete it; close the Fonts window;
  8. Click on the File Explorer icon (usually at the bottom left of the screen);
  9. Go to Organize > Folder and Search Options > View tab and check the box for Show Hidden FIies, Folders and Drives;

  1. Navigate to Local Disk C > Program Files [or Program Files (x86)] and locate the Final Draft 10/9 folder. Check to make sure that there are in this folder no scripts or other files you need. If there are, move them elsewhere. Delete the Final Draft 10/9 folder;
  2. Navigate to Local Disk C > Program Data and delete the folder labeled Final Draft;
  3. Navigate to Local Disk C > Users > your user name > App Data > Roaming > and open the Final Draft folder.  Delete the folders labeled Data and English (United States).  DO NOT delete the Backup folder.

Next, you will delete the Final Draft registry key.


Quit any programs that might be running and go to your Desktop.

    1. Go to Start > Search;
    2. Type regedit and select it from the list above. The Registry Editor will come up;
    3. Click on the arrow next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER;
    4. Click on the arrow next to Software;
    5. If you have previous versions of Final Draft installed, click the arrow next to Final Draft to expand it;
    6. Right-click on the folder labeled 10.0/9.0 and left-click on Delete;
    7. Click Yes when prompted to confirm the deletion;
    8. Also under HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE delete the FLEXlm License Manager folder;
    9. Exit the Registry Editor.

Final Draft 10/9 is now completely removed from the system.

You can download the current Final Draft 10/9 installer HERE.

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