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Thoroughly uninstalling FD10 / 9 from a Mac

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Thoroughly uninstalling FD10 / 9 from a Mac

  1. If possible, deactivate Final Draft: Open the program and go to Help > Deactivate > Yes.
  2. Quit the program (Command + Q);.
  3. Go to the Applications folder and drag the Final Draft 10 / 9 icon to the Trash.
  4. Delete the Final Draft preferences:
    1. Go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal;
    2. Type defaults delete com.finaldraft.finaldraft.v10 or .v9
    3. Press Return on the keyboard;
    4. Quit Terminal.
  5. Delete the Spell-check:
    1. Click onto the Desktop to bring up the Mac Finder menu;
    2. Hold down the Option key and choose Go;
    3. Choose Library > Application Support > Final Draft > Final Draft 10 / 9 and drag the Spell-check to the Trash. The Spell-Check will be identfied with the name of the language. Example: English (United States). DO NOT DELETE THE BACKUP FOLDER.
  6. Empty the Trash: Finder > Empty Trash.
  7. Download and install Final Draft 10 / 9 again. The free FD10 installer is HERE and the free FD9 installer is HERE.

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