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What is Format Assistant?

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What is Format Assistant?


Format Assistant is used to check the script for formatting errors.

Final Draft is designed to automatically format a script correctly. But because formatting errors may unintentionally occur while you are writing, the Format Assistant will alert you if a script has:

  • Elements that begin with a blank space;
  • Empty elements;
  • Characters with no Dialogue;
  • Characters with two consecutive Dialogues;
  • A Dialogue without a Character preceding it.

The Format Assistant may be run at any time. It can also be run automatically before you print.

To use ths feature, go to Tools > Format Assistant.

The Format Assistant will search for errors. If an error is found, the Format Assistant dialog appears and the paragraph containing the error is highlighted.

In this case it found an element with an extra space at the beginning -- when Allie says,"No I'm not!" (the red line shows this extra space clearly).

The Rule Violation box tells you which formatting rule was broken and the Correction box tells you how the error will be corrected.

To correct an error, click Fix. The error will be corrected and the Format Assistant will continue scanning for errors.

To disregard an error and continue checking for more errors, click Ignore.

To disregard an error and remember to disregard it until the script is closed, click Ignore.

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