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How do I create macros for character and place names?

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How do I create macros for character and place names?


On Windows, when you go to Document > Macros:

  1. Click New. This will create a new Macro that you can name anything you want -- in this case, "word."
  2. (Optional) Assign a Keyboard shortcut -- one that is not used by another function, like Control+Alt+S.
  3. If you only want the macro to show up in one element, in this case Action, select Action in the Macro Element box.
  4. In the Macro Text box, type in the text as you want it to appear in the script, in this case "I want this word each time" (without quotes).
  5. If you automatically want to jump to a new element, select that in the Transition to box. In this case, you probably do not want it because "word" will not be the last piece of text in Action, so select None.
  6. Create an alias. An Alias is a key combination that, when typed, triggers the macro and gets replaced by the full macro text -- for example, if you set the alias for this macro to be "word" (without quotes), when you type "word" the program will instantly type in the phrase "I want this word each time." NOTE: This is just an example. If you actually used the word "word" as the macro alias you wouldn't be able to use the word "word" by itself in the script because the macro would kick in and insert "I want this word each time."

Note: On Mac, the Macro feature is more limited. You can't create a new Macro, only modify existing ones.

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