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Can I have multiple title pages?

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Can I have multiple title pages?


Yes. You can have as many title, character, cast, biography, summary, quote, introduction, breakdown, location or whatever pages as you need. They will appear in front of the script and will not affect the script's pagination.

Go to Document > Title Page and you'll see the generic title page. Type in whatever information you need and insert a new page by pressin Enter / Return on the keyboard until a new page is created. On the new blank page you can type or paste in the information you want. When you're done with your pre-script pages, there is no need to go to File > Save, just go to File > Close to get back to the script. The next time you save the script these pages will be saved as well.

Final Draft 10 gives you the option to number your title pages with Roman numerals. Information on upgrading is HERE.

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