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I got an illegal operation, runtime error or other crash message.

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I got an illegal operation, runtime error or other crash message.


An illegal operation message is a generic Windows message that some task has occurred that causes Windows to shut down a program or the system. It could be from Final Draft or another program running in the background. Once this message appears, you can't do anything but close the window and the program. Since this precludes you from saving, it's yet another reason to save and back up all data files on your computer.

If you get a Runtime error when you launch Final Draft 6 for the first time on Windows, the problem may be due to there not being a "My Documents" folder on your system, the My Documents folder having an incorrect path, or if you are on a network, the program being unable to access this folder. To check for the My Documents path, right-click on My Documents and choose Properties. Look at the Target location. This is where Final Draft is searching for the My Documents folder to create the Final Draft Backup folder. Make sure this folder has access to read, write, and list folder contents (check with Microsoft Help or your network administrator for more information.)

In order for Final Draft to be certified by Microsoft for Windows XP, the Final Draft Backup folder, which the program automatically creates when you launch for the first time, must be created in the My Documents folder. If you don't have a My Documents folder, your operating system is damaged and you should contact Microsoft. If you're on a network, have your administrator give you rights to this folder.

If you get this message only with a particular file, it may be damaged or corrupted. Click HERE for information on how to repair it. Click HERE for information on how to recover your text if the file becomes unopenable.

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