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How do I activate Final Draft 7 or AV2.5?

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How do I activate Final Draft 7 or AV2.5?


Final Draft 7 and AV2.5 have a streamlined system that enables you to activate your computer quickly via the web or by using our free automated phone line.

When you install, you have 15 days to activate your computer. During this 15-day period, you can use the program to its fullest capacity if you've entered your Customer Number. Each time you open the program you'll receive a reminder with the number of days remaining until you have to activate. Note that uninstalling and reinstalling won't restart the counter.

If you don't enter your Customer Number, the program will run as a demo, print with a watermark and limit you to 15 total pages of writing. After the 15 days you can activate when you're prompted by the timer screen...

or, if you're in the program, go to Help/Activate...

You'll be given an option to activate online or manually:

If you have an internet connection, choose Online Activation. If you don't or have network restrictions, choose Manual Activation.

For more information on online activation, click HERE.

For more information on manual activation, click HERE.

NOTE: Live support for Final Draft 7 has been discontinued. You will still be able to install, activate and use FD7 on appropriate computers but email, chat and telephone support is no longer available.  Live activation assistance for FD7 and AV will be available via phone (818-789-6281) and email and chat (links on the left side of this page) until June 14, 2017.

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