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AV2.5 on Vista

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AV2.5 on Vista


Basic testing on Vista Ultimate reveals the following issues:

1. Problem: Vista has ClearType text smoothing on by default, which can make the text in AV2.5 look pixelated. Also, some letters can appear clipped when flagged by the spell-check.

Solution: Turn off the text smoothing:

  1. Right click on a blank area of your Vista desktop;
  2. Click Personalize
  3. Click Window Color and Appearance;
  4. Click the link at the bottom of the page that reads "Open classic appearance properties" for more color options;
  5. Click the Effects button;
  6. Either uncheck the box that reads "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" or choose Standard from the dropdown list rather than the default ClearType;
  7. Click OK
  8. Click Apply;
  9. Click OK.

2. Problem: On some lower-end video cards, scrolling the script may appear choppy.

Solution: There's no software-side solution available at the moment; an upgrade of the video card may correct this.

3. Problem: Upgrading the operating system to Vista will result in a lost activation.

Solution: As always, it's best to deactivate AV2.5 before doing anything major to the computer or the operating system.

NOTE: All support for AV has been discontinued.

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